Probably best known as the premier taxidermist of his era, Herb Welch created in his Oquossoc shop, life like, realistic mounts of the trophies sportsmen caught in the Rangeley waters. He normally used a glass bubble to protect his work, or mounted the fish on rectangular birch board with a stitched reed border. Herb was also an outstanding wildlife artist, especially when the subject was his favorite, trout or salmon. He was a sculptor with one of his works reported to be the Louvre in Paris. Herb was also a fly-tier, creating a number of patterns well known to fly fishermen even today…including the Cupsuptic Streamer, the Jane Craig Streamer, the Yellow Jane Craig, the Kennebago Streamer, the Welch Rarebit and his most famous creation the Black Ghost.
Herb was also a teacher, as he enjoyed nothing more than sharing his knowledge and love for the outdoors with others, especially youngsters. Children in the Haines Landing area would come to his shop not only to learn how to cast or tie a fly, but also to learn about the wildlife and native plants in the local forest. He loved to tell his young admirers stories that stirred their imaginations and stimulated their interest in the outdoors. Most of all, he enjoyed teaching them to cast a fly and spent hours helping them develop their casting technique on the dock at Haines Landing.

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