Her interest in the outdoors started when her doctor told her she would die if she did not get “abundant doses of fresh air”, so she did. Fly Rod developed a passion for fishing and hunting in the Maine woods.  As one of the first women to guide sports, Fly Rod became a proponent of local camps and of the licensing of guides, receiving Maine Guide’s license number 1. Using her own celebrity and creativity, she promoted the region when she brought a log cabin, live trout and trophy mounts from Maine to exhibit at Madison Square Garden. She also created a stir when she wore a costume whose skirt fell to a length, eight inches above the ground, quite daring for the era. Fly Rod, who converted to Catholicism, was responsible for raising $5,000 to build Our Lady of the Lakes Church located two blocks from the museum.  Her numerous publications on hunting and fishing in Maine attracted sports from all over the country. She lived to age 93, perhaps because of the “abundant doses of fresh air”.


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