It is the legendary brook trout that made Rangeley the destination of sportsmen for the last 150 years. Wild brookies of 6, 8 10 or more pounds were the largest known to exist in this country. These huge trout benefited from large numbers of blueback trout that provided forage. While the bluebacks are gone and many changes have occurred, 5 or 6 pound brook trout are caught every year in the historic Rangeley Lakes Region.
A visit to the Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum will allow you to see a 11 pound 2 oz. Brook Trout caught at upper Dam in 1897. It is reported to be one of the five largest ever recorded as being caught in Maine. The trophy, mounted by J Waldo Nash under glass, is only one of three known example of a Nash full-bodied mount, and is a fitting tribute to the “giants” who lurked in Rangeley’s pristine waters.  Other trophy brook trout mounts include those by Dave Footer and Herb Welch.


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